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The Managed Purchase Option for School Districts

The Nassau County Textbook Loan Program’s centralized distribution system is well-established,  providing textbooks in 2010-2011 to approximately 18,000 students attending almost 100 non-public schools.

There are, however, still some non-public schools (predominantly larger high schools including Chaminade and Kellenberg) in Nassau County that continue to resist participation in the cooperative centralized system–citing the burdens of storage and inventory responsibilities as primary reasons. Most have well-established ordering systems that pass textbook responsibilities on to students and their parents.

For most districts, a significant part of the burden of providing these books is establishing efficient systems for ordering small quantities of individual titles from a large variety of publishers and suppliers. To address this problem, Textbook Central established the Managed Purchase Option (MPO) eight years ago as an alternate option for all Nassau school districts: we purchase textbooks for a school district’s non-public school students who attend schools that are NOT participating in the Nassau County Textbook Loan program.

Here’s how the Managed Purchasing Option program works.

  1. The district receives book requests from its students attending its non-participating schools or from the school itself.
  2. After checking its own inventory, the district develops a consolidated list of books that need to be ordered, and submits the order to us. (Often these fill-in orders are the most troublesome–long in number of titles and publishers, and low in quantities needed.) To maintain lowest shipping costs, we suggest that districts accumulate the list of their needs, and submit orders to us periodically as needed during the non-public school textbook procurement season.
  3. Using the sources and contacts we have developed over the past ten years, Textbook Central will request and evaluate multiple bids for the needed textbooks. Our choice of the specific book supplier is based on both best price and availability.
  4. We write and process all purchase orders, and handle invoice reconciliation and settlement of all accounts payable. We are responsible for tracking shipments (when needed).
  5. In most cases, the textbooks are shipped to the school district for distribution, although some non-public schools have allowed direct shipment of a particular district’s books to the school.
  6. Districts are billed for the textbooks purchased as a separate line item on the bill you are already receiving for your participation in the Textbook Central Centralized Program. Three (3) progressive invoices are produced per textbook ordering season (70%, 20% & final 10%).

Thirty-one of Nassau County districts (of the 51 districts in the Centralized Program) are participating in the Managed Purchase Option in 2010-2011.

The total ordered for these 26 Nassau districts for 2009-2010 is $677,800 (cost of textbooks including shipping.) It is likely that books ordered by us were distributed to more than 5000 additional non-public school students. The fee for this service is 15% of the total textbook procurement cost.

For this fee, we are locating the textbooks for the best available price. Most importantly, however, the Business Office is relieved of the multiple aspects of the ordering process repeated over and over during the textbook procurement season: purchase orders, individual vendor orders, tracking and invoice processing. For many districts, non-public school textbook needs result in hundreds of purchase orders alone for each school year. For each of the past years, the savings we’ve been able to garner through our ordering system has offset this fee.

In addition to buying textbooks for non-public school students, for several districts we have purchased textbooks for the district’s own needs.

Both the centralized and MPO administrative textbook service fees are based on discounts from the “not-to-exceed” rates established in Tel/Logic’s New York State Office of General Services (“OGS”) contract #CMS879A SBE for information technology consulting and system integration services.