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Textbook Central
(a division of CentralEd) is a textbook procurement service.

For ten years, Textbook Central has offered a program for the coordinated distribution of textbooks to private and parochial school students residing in Nassau County. The original Textbook Loan Program was first developed in 2000 as a pilot for a group of school districts who requested an efficient and cost-effective way to distribute textbooks to the private school students residing within their district boundaries. The program has grown and evolved into two complementary but distinct divisions:

  • the Nassau County Textbook Loan Program; and
  • the Managed Purchase Option (MPO).

The Nassau County Textbook Loan Program is the centralized administration and direct distribution of textbooks to private and parochial non-public school students attending about 100 participating schools on behalf of their school districts.

The Managed Purchase Option (MPO) offers a stream-lined ordering system for school districts who need to purchase and distribute textbooks to its private and parochial school students attending schools which do not participate in the direct distribution program.


Who is already in the Textbook Loan Program? As of January, 2010:




Bruce Conlin and Christine Hoyler, Textbook Coordinators at CentralEd
400 Post Avenue, Suite 410
Westbury, NY 11590

Bruce Conlin at phone 516-801-7861 or
Christine Hoyler at 516-801-7862 or


E-Rate Central, which provides E-rate application services to all Nassau County school districts as well as districts across the country, is also a division of CentralEd.